Emily Daccarett SS16 Collection takes us through a new story with beautiful textures and colors both bold and young. Pieces that can be easily layered and stripped off in a blink of an eye.

Scarlet is frightened and disillusioned by her bourgeois life. She finds escape from a carefree stranger that opens the door to new experiences, but is it enough to hold Scarlet together?

Produced by Tiger House Films
Original Music "Only Ones" by Kenny Zhao



In old world Europe, Sophie is a young woman who has been trapped and abused in a world of faded grandeur since she was a small child. Her once wealthy parents passed away when she was very small, leaving her in the care of her cruel aunt Margaret.
Forced to clean the dilapidated mansion everyday and confined to her room, Sophie can only escape from her entrapment through her dreams. She remembers longingly of a boy she met in her childhood who with a simple gesture of kindness, stole her heart.
"Si Je Ne T'ai Connais Pas"
Music by S. Peace Nistades
Lyrics and Vocals Emily Daccarett
Featuring Guitarist Zane Carney



FALL/WINTER 2014/2015

Stylorella is summoned to an alien planet by a mysterious presence in outer space. Throughout a series of funny adventures and psychedelic encounters she will make her way to a face off with the villainous entity. In a final surreal embrace with the black presence, she is able to cast away the darkness.

Produced by Tiger House Flims
Music by S. Peace Nistades
Recorded and Mixed at Alkaloide Music Productions




Emily Daccarett Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign is a descriptive narrative that follows the story of two lovers a la Bonnie and Clyde.
Produced by Tiger House Films.

Je t'ai aimé dane le noir"
Music by S. Peace Nistades
Lyrics by Emily Daccarett
feat. Emily Daccarett & Jean-Louis Darville

Recorded and Mixed at Alkaloide Music Productions


Awards and international mentions